We print custom Wearable Art. 

Anything from your latest drawing, design, or painting, to a photo of your dog, cat or other pet. Boats, cars, babies and a whole lot more have been subjects for our clients wearable Art.

If you have a great quality computer file that you can email to us, we will print the file with monor framing and cropping changes, at the same price as most of our art. Just $12, plus the shirt or top you choose.

If your photo has seen better days or needs some work you can send it to us and we'll send you a quote of what it will take to make it a true work of art. Email your jpg, tif, gif or other popular file format to: custom@timelesstops.com

Artists& Designers

If you have a design, drawing or painting you would like to us offer visitors of our website, please email us  and we'll tell you about our revenue sharing plan for artists and designers.