Wearable Art for everyday use.

Timeless Tops has a new idea for wearable art. Art you can really wear! Wearable Art has been shown to be beautiful, creative and imaginative, but not suitable to wear in real life. Until now. Now you can express yourself with art you wear at home, work, or play. Renoir at Starbucks? Botticelli at the Mall? Perhaps a local artists talent adorns you over drinks?

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Where can the world see your latest creation? On You!Wearable Art!

A place you can't forget, a scene or photograph with special memories can become your personal Wearable Art.


Keep your favorite classical art on display with Wearable Art.


"Tattoo" Art


A "Guy's" Art :-)

 Pets - Animals

Your pet or favorite animal can be your Wearable Art




This is art. 
Creative and imaginative, art in a wearable form, but not art that you would wear.

2009 Winner
Booker Spalding First Time Entrant Award & Runner Up American Express Open L
agarus Ovatus En Masse, Catherine AndertonFrom theWorld of Wearable Art, New Zealand 

Timeless Tops produces Wearable Art, you can and will want to wear. 


Timeless Tops is a new idea for Wearable Art

Wearable Art, also known as Artwear, typically describes the making of individually designed pieces of clothing as artistic expressions. The idea that clothing could be a form of self-expression has always been advanced by the fashion industry. But fashion, by definition, is fickle.

It thrives on the pursuit of the ephemeral. Wearable art, though, claims to be a thing apart from fashion. It represents an attitude toward self-endorsement based on a desire to collect beautiful objects that are displayed by being worn.

The numerous "Wearable Art" events throughout the world have original expressions with displays of beautiful objects. But the bottom line is you're not going to wear them down to Starbucks or the Mall!

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